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Welcome to our state-of-the-art Equine Rehabilitation Center. Experience top-notch equine rehabilitation with extended care layup boarding. Trust us to provide the best care for your horse's recovery where we offer cryotherapy including thermal imaging to aid in the well-being and recovery of your beloved horse. We are dedicated to providing care for sport-related injuries and more. From personalized rehabilitation plans to advanced cryotherapy sessions, we are here to ensure your horse is in peak condition. Trust us to help your equine companion thrive and excel. 

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Stephan Gerpheide

About Me


German Riding School: The official 3-year program ending with two-week clinic tests, requiring a passing score for certification from the German Government and German Riding Association FN. "Bereiter FN."


Center of the Westfalien Breeders: Training from young horses (3yr. and older) Auctions, 100 day test for the approved 3 yr. old Stallions & Sale horses.

Gestuet Katharinenhof:  Brood mares, Approved Stallions & Horses in all ages up to Grand Prix level, Showing up to 1.40 m.

Paul Schockemoehle: Worked for one year at the main training facility in Muehlen with, Franke Sloothaak, Evelyn Blaton, Otto Becker, Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst, Dirk Hafemeister & Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum.

Dr. Med. Vet. Hans Stil/ Swiss: Driver and Assistant Swiss, Italy, France, Germany.

Reitanlage Feldwiesen: Private show barn. Riding with Bogdan Sasjarworsky I rode in smaller shows with young horses and sale horses up to 1. 40m.

Susanne Rundshagen: Boarding barn/ Training, lessons, showing brood mares.

Gestuet Finkhorster Berg: Top Rider Joerg Kreutzmann Show and Sales Barn Horses from 3 yr. up to Grand Prix level.

Kai Gerken: Private Breeding, Show and Sales Barn 25 - 30 Mares, 5 – 8 Stallions in breeding. Business every year up to 4 Stallions at the approvals in Holstein 15 – 20 Sale Horses.

Moved from Germany to the United States in 2007.

SIG * Training of Sale and Show Horses up to Grand Prix level.

J&S Equine, Horse Training, Norco, California: About Me


​​We offer a wide range of services in which we are able to tailor a program to meet you and your horses needsThe large percentage of the horses we see are here to improve condition and train for optimum performance. Other horses are here for a specific injury and we use more of our regenerative therapies to help in the healing process to quicken the horse’s recovery time whenever possible.

All horses that our in our rehabilitation program are examined for any lameness or injury. During this initial exam the staff will determine a plan for the horse during their stay at our facility. It is common for our team to develop a fitness training program, nutrition and diet plan and/or a tailored rehab program to fit the horse’s needs and client’s goals for their stay. 

Thermal imaging, Cryotherapy

Exercise Program

Customized exercise programs utilizing the Euro Sizer in conjunction with other holistic modalities in which we offer a complete program to fit your horses needs.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can detect inflamed areas on the body and visibly see the temperature pre & post Cryotherapy treatment.


INSTANTCRYO™ Cryotherapy is a natural therapy used within the equine sector for the recovery, pain relief, and wellbeing of the horse. Whether your horse is competing or not, the uses are wide from treating injuries and speeding up the recovery process, to aiding in the performance and overall general wellbeing.

Jumping Arena
Horse Hauling Services

Jumper Arena

12 Stall Barn with in/out stalls, custom comfort mattress pads in each stall, fly system, Hot water wash rack, 240X275 Large Jumping arena with an Irish Bank, 4 horse Eurosizer, 50 ft. round pen, multiple sand & grass turnouts, fully covered viewing stand, 24 hour onsite care & so much more.

Hauling Services

Hauling services from your facility to ours.

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